Sunday, August 10, 2014

You Cannot get cornered in the round house!!!

My Dad always made the comment "you cannot  get cornered in the Round house"

Nancy and I just got back from a vacation the in the world famous Sun valley Idaho area. About half way up bald mountain is a restaurant called the Round house.Built in 1939 it is only accessible by gondola or a hike that has an 2600 foot elevation gain. It was a beautiful view from the top. I asked the bartender, she said all of their food and supplies are delivered on the gondola, bring a pickup the ski run is a last resort.    
This was the deck where we ate lunch. The inside was empty in the summer, but it had a very large 4 sided fireplace right in the middle of the restaurant with tables all around the outside walls. 
The lift tickets came with a warning on a day when a storm was rolling in. They said that it there is a lighting strike within 25 miles they would close the lift for 20 minutes. If there was a second lighting strike the 20 minutes started over again and so on... It this happened your options were to hike down, or wait until they made the decision to close it down for the day. If they closed it down for the day then and only then they would send someone up the ski run in a four wheel drive pickup the get people off the mountain. There was a second chair lift that went to the top of Bald Mountain about another 1500 foot elevation, I am sure it would have been a spectacular view, but we decided to head down rather than risking getting stuck on the mountain.
    Lets go on a gondola way up in the mountains so we can spend more time texting....        

Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014 fair

Today I sent my entry form for the photo contest in the fair. last year was my first time entering an I won second place in the black and white Macro category, lets see how  i do this year...  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Now That's a Water Hazard!!!

If it was only true. That is actually two golf courses separated by the Snake River    

The long and winding road leading down one of the courses
 This is the view from the courses.
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