Sunday, July 20, 2014

From My Childhood

I spent all weekend working around the house, and have not touched the camera in over a week. I am posting some "SKY" pictures from my archives.
 When we were kids, my Mother would take us outside to look at the clouds. She would always find some kind of an object in them. I would think that she would see a boat race in this formation.

 When she saw a water spout like this, she would sing "I am a little teapot song"
Many summer evenings we would lay in the back yard just to watch the "sun go to sleep"
    We spent many summers at my Aunt & Uncles home on the Washington Coast. The evening consisted of eating dinner, then we would all climb on Uncle Ross's flatbed truck and drive though town to see homes he was building at the time, then go to the far end of the beach and drive the entire length to the beach as the sunset.  
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  1. Great sky images, love your story, what beautiful childhood memories!
    My mom would sit on the porch with us children after sunset, and we would wait for the stars to come to the fore on the ever more darkening skies.


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