Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Saint Joseph Catholic Church located on top of a hill in Idaho City is the oldest Catholic church in the state. Is was originally built in 1863 and rebuilt in 1867 after the great fire. The fire of 1867 was the second great fire in Idaho city. After the first Great fire, the church was the only building left in town, every other structure was consumed.
This is the view of Idaho City looking down from the porch.

The church is only two blocks from town, but it is on a very steep hillside. The road to the church is probably the steepest road I have ever driven. Like all of Idaho city it is a dirt road. Idaho City only has two paved roads.  

All of the street signs are these hand carved signs. I am not sure if they are original to the 1860's or not.
While we were visiting the church an Idaho City fire truck was going up the hill. It is an early 1960's American Motors military 6X6 deuce and a half.      

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