Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've Been Busy, But I'm BACK.... Bathroom Remodel

"After" shot

 Before picture water damaged floors, 
Photos from my wife nancy@littlehomesteadinboise

I've Been Busy, But I'm BACK....  Bathroom Remodel

It started out as a simple little wet spot. Then it grew :(   So.... after lots of work here's the FINAL photos of the re-do... decorating courtesy of my wife Nancy. Most of these items were bought at Ikea in Portland...

Nice light colors

a little art

Ikea medicine cabinet, too tall for our light fixture, so we got sconces

Ikea cabinet with china sink/counter, Ikea faucet

new tub, walls, Ikea shower curtain

Nancy loved the bird clock

Our new gray flooring, after 3 tries- The Long Strange Saga Of Our New Flooring

All done!

After all this I discovered a bit of a flood in my crawlspace, from leaky gutters. So, in addition to the bathroom, we have NEW gutters, how exciting! These won't leak because they don't have seams. And a new rain barrel, which I hate! But Nancy loves it, so... I love it

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  1. very nicely done, congrats and I love the knobs on the sink drawers. My hubby has two HUGE water collectors, he loves them and I've learned to, a bit more resistant than you maybe...


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