Monday, May 26, 2014

A Memorial Day Hike to the Cross

Table rock in an area East of Boise in the foothills. There is a cross on top that has created quite a bit of  controversy over the years. The controversy is about having a cross on city owned property. At some point the City sold a two square foot section on Table Rock to the Boy Scouts. The the controversy became about whether the land sale was legal. All of that has gone away for now and the lighted cross shines over the city.

It is a four mile hike each way and an elevation gain of 900 feet. It is interesting in such a relativity short distance the change in the foliage. When you start out for the first mile or less there are wild flowers everywhere.
 Shortly into the hike it turns into just desert y sand with little else. I had a couple of firsts today. I have been told for years that there are snakes on the trail, until today I had never actually seen one.
     The other first was a I have never personally seen a missing man formation. While I was hiking four old WWII planes flew overhead, and one took off in the formation. I am sure it was for the nearby veterans home.
This is the view you get when you hike the four miles up. The old penitentiary that closed in 1979 in the foreground downtown and the State Capitol top left.


  1. What a great hike David. Love the shot of the snake working its way through the walking boot tracks! Have a great week.

    1. Thank you, the hike was a bit ambitious for the first real hike of the season.


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