Monday, May 26, 2014

A Memorial Day Hike to the Cross

Table rock in an area East of Boise in the foothills. There is a cross on top that has created quite a bit of  controversy over the years. The controversy is about having a cross on city owned property. At some point the City sold a two square foot section on Table Rock to the Boy Scouts. The the controversy became about whether the land sale was legal. All of that has gone away for now and the lighted cross shines over the city.

It is a four mile hike each way and an elevation gain of 900 feet. It is interesting in such a relativity short distance the change in the foliage. When you start out for the first mile or less there are wild flowers everywhere.
 Shortly into the hike it turns into just desert y sand with little else. I had a couple of firsts today. I have been told for years that there are snakes on the trail, until today I had never actually seen one.
     The other first was a I have never personally seen a missing man formation. While I was hiking four old WWII planes flew overhead, and one took off in the formation. I am sure it was for the nearby veterans home.
This is the view you get when you hike the four miles up. The old penitentiary that closed in 1979 in the foreground downtown and the State Capitol top left.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Feathered friends

My Wife Nancy has added four new feathered Friends to our back yard  flock They are between one & two weeks old. 
Just add a mirror for hours of entertainment. 

This is the fourth time we have raised baby chickens, they start out in the house for about a month before they are relocated into the back yard.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Some Pictures Of My Yard

I was able to get outside this weekend to enjoy my very colorful yard.
  I had some visitors helping with the yard work

I am not sure what the official name of this flower is, but it always makes me think of fireworks.
 The neighbors tree always give the street such a burst of color
This is the first full year for my pear tree, I am hoping for lots of wonderful fruit. Growing up the neighbor next door had a huge pear tree, they were an elderly couple that did not care for the fruit. Every summer we would eat pears until we could not eat anymore. Those were the days, I know this tree will never reach that size in my lifetime, but it brings back great memories.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've Been Busy, But I'm BACK.... Bathroom Remodel

"After" shot

 Before picture water damaged floors, 
Photos from my wife nancy@littlehomesteadinboise

I've Been Busy, But I'm BACK....  Bathroom Remodel

It started out as a simple little wet spot. Then it grew :(   So.... after lots of work here's the FINAL photos of the re-do... decorating courtesy of my wife Nancy. Most of these items were bought at Ikea in Portland...

Nice light colors

a little art

Ikea medicine cabinet, too tall for our light fixture, so we got sconces

Ikea cabinet with china sink/counter, Ikea faucet

new tub, walls, Ikea shower curtain

Nancy loved the bird clock

Our new gray flooring, after 3 tries- The Long Strange Saga Of Our New Flooring

All done!

After all this I discovered a bit of a flood in my crawlspace, from leaky gutters. So, in addition to the bathroom, we have NEW gutters, how exciting! These won't leak because they don't have seams. And a new rain barrel, which I hate! But Nancy loves it, so... I love it

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Idaho Falls, Idaho

The last month has been very crazy. I addition to doing a complete bathroom remodel I had to travel across the state to Idaho Falls for my job...

I saw this old water tower, it was so colorful it really caught my eye.

 This bridge runs right through the park in the center of town.

 They have a beautiful round about in the middle of town.

 This was the other thing I had going on, my youngest was married a few weeks ago. She wanted to have the entire wedding party get ready at my house. There was not any pressure to have a workable bathroom before her wedding! I was installing the sink ten minutes before I was supposed to be picking up the flowers and the cake. We got it done, and we were ready for the wedding party to take over our house.  

A little humor here. Note to self- do not cut the first slice of cake under a pillar holding up the rest of the cake. All ended well, but that gave us a little unwanted excitement for the day.
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