Sunday, April 27, 2014

Head Out of the Toilet and Back To The Important Things

Almost a month ago I started a project that I though was never going to end. I remolded my bathroom. A customer of mine asks me on a semi regular basis "if I am still spending my nights and weekends with my head in the toilet"   
 It started with an overnight very fast trip to Ikea in Portland Oregon. Portland is a 400 miles each way. The real purpose of the trip was to see my brother in Washington.
 After dedicating almost every evening and weekend and some lunch hours to this project my part is done!!!

The flooring installer is coming over Thursday, then it will be complete!!! We ended up saving almost half the cost of the floor to to a strange series of events. We ordered the flooring from Home Depot because it was on sale, we settled for a floor that we kind of liked. We got a call that our floor was in but someone drove a forklift over it while unloading, they would reorder. When the replacement was due in I revived a call that the truck driver that was hauling my floor fell asleep and drove off of the road. I canceled the order, found a one man flooring shop in town, he had the exact floor that Nancy saw on the internet and was half the money to install it.      
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