Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Stairs #9

Now this set of stairs just goes up to a trail head and the back side of the Idaho Botanical Garden.Back Prior to 1979 this was part of the old Idaho penitentiary.I do not have a photo of them without the snow, but this is the only set of concrete stairs that has been in continuous service for so many years that they are concave in the middle from wear. If these stairs could talk, I am sure they could tell a lot of stories...

Last week: Water baby

Next week: legislative


  1. Beautiful pictures, I love the first picture. I have an obsession with architectural stairs I think its because I grew up in a rancher my whole life. When my boyfriend and I were looking at houses a beautiful staircase was a must for me. We ended up buying a split level so there are stairs everywhere. Love it!! Thanks for sharing David!


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