Sunday, November 10, 2013

Let's Go Fishing!!!


Boise has a "Green belt" that runs for several miles along the Boise river. I ran into this gentleman in the parking lot, he was kind enough to let me photograph him fly fishing. He had two bites in the first 15 minutes he was in the water. The duck is just an added bonus.


  1. I like shot of him fishing... fly fishing has always fascinated me...

  2. Thank you, I have always wanted to learn how to fly fish. When I talked to him in the parking lot he promised to do some very picturesque casting for me, as hard as I tried I could not get a good shot with fishing line gracefully going across the sky. He was unfortunately between me and the sun. I meant to add this to your Pacific NW linky, but I was interrupted.

  3. My Grandfather was a fisherman. It was his great love. Your second shot brings back good memories.
    Really like the reflection of the duck
    Thanks for your visit!

  4. Thank you for visiting. I am glad this gives you good memeories of your Grandfather.

  5. i like these! i used to fish all the time with my grandpa, even spent time in boise with my grandparents a few summers when i was a kid. they had good friends there and were rv'ers so they spent a few months out of the year there, and then we'd come out for a couple of weeks. i remember summers at cascade lake!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Cascade Lake is one of our summer must go to every year. Did you live in Boise at some point?


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