Sunday, September 29, 2013

The death of family owned businesses in America

Hurry, After 32 Years Overland Ace Hardware Is Closing The Doors!

16 years ago when we moved to Boise, there was only one home depot location. There was independent hardware store about every 1 - 2 miles in any direction. We had 4 Ace hardware stores within the city limits alone not to mention the suburbs. There was Tue value and a Do It Best store plus several unaffiliated independent store. Since that time we have have Lowes come to town with four new stores all strategically place near the big hardware stores. Home Depot now has 4 stores as well. One by one the locally owned stores are going away. We are down to one Ace Hardware on the North End of Boise, Home Depot & Lowes have not opened in that area yet. Do It Best and True value are completely gone from the area.

We have seen the same thing with other Businesses, Walgreens came to town, and now has a location on most corners, same with Walmart. Every time one of these large chain stores comes to town two small business close. 


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