Monday, July 1, 2013

Backyard critters

My Wife Nancy is recovering from foot surgery. Our cay Ayna takes every opportunity to "drive" Nancy's knee cart. 

This is not my best photo, but our resident Sharp shinned hawk was way up in the canopy of a neighbors birch tree. It will sit up there for hours just watching an unimproved alley that runs next to my house. The body language of this bird while I spent close to an hour taking its picture was "are you done yet"? "The mice will not come out it you are standing there"      
 We are going to have fruit this year! Last year the city spayed herbicide on the alley to kill the weeds, the also came close to killing my fruit trees. This year we are going to have apple pie, apple sauce etc...  

 The nectarine tree is loaded as well, makeing up for lost time.

 The rose bush is going quite a show.
 My grandparents always had a sumac tree in their yard, so did my Mom and Dad. So when my Mother passed away 7 years ago we planted on in our yard in her memory. There is nothing wrong with a family tradition.

I could not get this picture of team work in one frame. This was team work at its best, Mom climbed onto the bird feeder and dropped food down to the babies down below.


  1. the cat made me smile - as did the tree varmints! :) beautiful rose! hope your wife is healing well!

    LOVE the 'stairway to heaven' in your header!

  2. Thank you, Nancy is recovering slowly. The good thing is that she works in a school, so she has the summer off. The bad thing is that it is summer and there is so much outside work and she just has to stay inside and look. She can not even drive right now because she can not get the cart into the car after she gets in.


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