Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garden tour

This is photo journal of my garden progress

 This was supposed to be a photo of an almost ripe red Chili. The Chili was blurry but ended up being a great macro shot.  
 We are going to have a bumper crop of tomato, big ones, small ones, yellow and orange! Tomato pizza home made salsa and more!!!  
The nectarine tree is loaded. Last year we had zero fruit from our fruit trees.  

This is the best harvest ever of choke cherries. The first picking was 2 pounds!!!

Good Morning Sunspot.

Anya is enjoying the morning sun.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My first ever photo contest!

Our local newspaper along with Idaho camera has an annual "outdoor Idaho" photo contest. The rules are very simple. The entities have to be black and white or color, but not photo shopped, and up to 5 entries per person. I submitted these 5 as 11X14 prints. It does not say anywhere on the website about when the winners will be announced other than they have to be turned in by July 19th & you can pick them up on August 7th.         
 This was taken last summer on a camping trip with my oldest daughter and her fiance' She has never been able to sit without picking up a book. No exception here, she went for a swim, then sat on the dock to warm up.
 This one has been on my blog before, but it is a personal favorite.

This last one may be disqualified due to the Sepia. Last year we went to Silver City Idaho, a true ghost town.Other than the cars that were scattered around town and the sign about emergency services on the wall, the town looks just like it did back in the 1800's There were two men sitting on the porch just relaxing with their dog. They gave me permission to take this great photo.

Wish me luck!      

Dedicated or Frustrated?

Nancy and I took a digital photography class through our local parks department. She had to miss the first class because it was the same day as her surgery. We took the next three classes, learned all kinds of cool things. Nancy has been stick in the house, because she can not negotiate the step.

We drove to Idaho City up in the mountains, Nancy stopped the car on a wide spot on the road I helped her get out of the car so she could take some photos.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

All tired out

I was in my computer room reading blog posts, I kept hearing snoring coming from the corner. Anya was sound asleep in the corner between my desk and the wall laying on my back pack.  

Recovering from Nancy's foot surgery

My wife Nancy had foot surgery about 4 weeks ago. She is still not allowed to put any weight on it so she is on a cart. Seeing as how they have not invented an all terrain one yet, she has not been able to look at the garden. I randomly go out and take photos of the garden so she can see the progress of all of her pre-surgery plantings.      

I came up with the brilliant idea that since all of the baby birds had left the nest, I would clean and sanitize the bird houses. Much to my surprise two of the bird houses had eggs in them, and one had an active bee hive.

Note to self, wait for the first freeze before cleaning the bird houses...

The good news is that as soon as I out them back up, the birds returned hauling nesting materiel and the bees returned, I am assuming rebuilding their hive.        

Just around the river bend

This was taken on a mountain highway in the Boise national forest.

This is the first landscape photo I have taken since Nancy & I finished our photography last week.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Backyard critters

My Wife Nancy is recovering from foot surgery. Our cay Ayna takes every opportunity to "drive" Nancy's knee cart. 

This is not my best photo, but our resident Sharp shinned hawk was way up in the canopy of a neighbors birch tree. It will sit up there for hours just watching an unimproved alley that runs next to my house. The body language of this bird while I spent close to an hour taking its picture was "are you done yet"? "The mice will not come out it you are standing there"      
 We are going to have fruit this year! Last year the city spayed herbicide on the alley to kill the weeds, the also came close to killing my fruit trees. This year we are going to have apple pie, apple sauce etc...  

 The nectarine tree is loaded as well, makeing up for lost time.

 The rose bush is going quite a show.
 My grandparents always had a sumac tree in their yard, so did my Mom and Dad. So when my Mother passed away 7 years ago we planted on in our yard in her memory. There is nothing wrong with a family tradition.

I could not get this picture of team work in one frame. This was team work at its best, Mom climbed onto the bird feeder and dropped food down to the babies down below.
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