Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just one of those days!

Do you ever wake up in just a great mood. Perfect weather just an all around great morning, just to learn that the world has other plans?    
 First thing every morning is feed the cat and let the chickens out. Only three come out of the coop, the fourth one passed away overnight. I had to go in the house to tell Nancy about her chicken. Rosie was the very first chicken Nancy bought five years ago.

No image for the middle of the day debacle  

Next thing I was at work walking through the warehouse (not even eating) when I felt something in my mouth. A cap fell off of my front tooth. I was able to get into the dentist and get it fixed with in an hour.  
When I got home, the house was a little on the warn side, turned on the air conditioner. Just noise no cool air.
To top that off I am finding out that the furnace and the air conditioner are "a unit". I guess I am buying a new furnace as well. Not a bad thing as they have been chugging along faithfully since 1976, but I not wanting to replace both in the same year.

How has your week be going?


  1. How sad about Rosie! My week has been far less full of stuff than yours. 1976-this has got to be a record for a life span of anything of this import in our day and age!

  2. well, i hope your 'bad things come in 3s' is over...

  3. That is what I was thinking. at least everything that happened, happened at good time. we had a furnace go out on us at another house. It was -3 degrees and Christmas day. We paid double time to have a diagnosis of there is nothing we can do for several days. City hall was closed as far as getting permits, the furnace wholesalers we closed... At least we did not freeze pipes in the house.

  4. Wow! Your aircon and furnace lasting for 37 years is an amazing fear! Well, I guess having it repaired isn't practical anymore. It served you long enough anyway, so now is the right time to give your old unit a well-deserved rest.

    -Harris Aire Serv

  5. Ouch. One after another. And that furnace is definitely gonna burn a hole in your pocket. At least you get to upgrade it to a newer model, something more energy-efficient, but provides the same comfort as the old one.

    Christine @ Quality Heating


  6. I believe it’s already time for you to replace your HVAC system. The usual life span of a unit is just 15-25 years. Even though you’ve done appropriate maintenance for the old one, your AC already exceeded its life span. Have you installed a new unit yet? Hope it’ll also serve you for the next 37 years or so. :) --> Chris Hodges


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