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Friday, May 17, 2013

idaho botanical gardens

The Idaho Botanical Gardens was originally the recreation yard and the garden for the Idaho State Penitentiary. Not much in bloom yest, still a wonderful place to visit.

Gods Big Show

 Mount Saint Helen's was always my favorite mountain in the Cascade mountain range. She had the perfect ice cream shaped top.

On May 17th 1980 Mom and Dad left our house in Portland Oregon for a vacation in Yellowstone National Park. They drove as far as Missoula Montana the first day. As they were getting ready to leave their friends house They air was black with Ash. Mom and Dad made the decision to continue their vacation. They were able to drive out of the ash cloud and have a wonderful vacation.    
 I was awakened at 8:32 Sunday Morning May 18th to a dull thud. The radio and television was broadcasting some information, about Mount Saint Helen's had erupted. This was before instant everything so there were no images for several hours. We did not know that Mom & Dad had encountered anything at all until they returned the following Sunday. in Portland it was just a normal Sunday. We did not have any ash at all.
My sister was living in a house on a small hill, her front window had a perfect view of the mountain. I drove over to her house to watch the show.      

Sunday May 25th 1980 the mountain had a second eruption. This time the wind blew west and drove the ash into Portland. Eastern Oregon had severe ash clouds on the 25th. This also happened to be the day that Mom and Dad were coming home from vacation. They had a week of beautiful blue skies book ended with an ash cloud.         

 Some time in June I along with my Mom and Dad went up into some of the communities was were in the path of the mud flows. It was something that I had never seen before or since. Barns completely buried in mud, trees flattened small towns just gone. if anyone was living in the northwest in 1980 they would know who Harry Truman was. Harry was a grumpy old man that ran the Spirit Lake Lodge. I was only at his lodge once in the early 70's but it was a spectacular old resort as I recall. I was very young and on a vacation with my best friend. Mr. Truman along with 56 others died that day. Mr Truman did not want to leave the area where his wife was buried or his beloved lodge.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

In loving memory of Bette Oliver 1924 - 2006  

This photo of my mother must have been taken in the late 1930's somewhere in South East Portland  

 Mom was the 7th child in a family of 8. Although they had some hard times during the great depression she always had a positive attitude. She talked about how her dad worked at the paper mill stoking the fire box all day for $ .25 a day (I assume she meant per hour) and then would work on the farm all night. She and her sisters painted barns, collected the eggs etc. The was never any negative tone about the hard times.                
This photo was taken in the fall of 2005 at one of her Favorite parks.

Mom remembered the hard times and taught all of us to be frugal, and grow our own food. Mom sacrificed a lot to raise her family, but she had 5 wonderful children and 13 grandchildren. Mom always stayed close to all 4 of her sisters & her 3 brothers.

Mom left us in 2006 to be with Dad.

Happy mothers day to all Mothers!!!!    



Friday, May 10, 2013

I am back to posting GOOD STUFF

My last several posts have been very lame, I temporally lost my focus. These are some new pictures from my yard.    

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just one of those days!

Do you ever wake up in just a great mood. Perfect weather just an all around great morning, just to learn that the world has other plans?    
 First thing every morning is feed the cat and let the chickens out. Only three come out of the coop, the fourth one passed away overnight. I had to go in the house to tell Nancy about her chicken. Rosie was the very first chicken Nancy bought five years ago.

No image for the middle of the day debacle  

Next thing I was at work walking through the warehouse (not even eating) when I felt something in my mouth. A cap fell off of my front tooth. I was able to get into the dentist and get it fixed with in an hour.  
When I got home, the house was a little on the warn side, turned on the air conditioner. Just noise no cool air.
To top that off I am finding out that the furnace and the air conditioner are "a unit". I guess I am buying a new furnace as well. Not a bad thing as they have been chugging along faithfully since 1976, but I not wanting to replace both in the same year.

How has your week be going?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Now if they only had a "AUTOMATIC LAWN MOWER"

The duplex next door has annual "AUTOMATIC" traditions. The chemical lawn service shows up on an "AUTOMATIC" treatment. The "AUTOMATIC" sprinkler system comes on, but the "AUTOMATIC" lawnmower must be broken.

At some point someone will use a manual lawnmower and then wait for that new technology of the "AUTOMATIC" lawnmower to take care of things.   
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