Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boise Downtown

 Yesterday after I went shopping for new camera lenses I went down town to try them out.   
 My new 70 - 300 telephoto lens 
 My New Macro lens 
 Boise has a rose garden.   
 And a Black history museum 

We do not have any old boring library, ours is a LIBRARY!  
This is probably an Eagles nest based upon it location by the river 
 We finally have a construction site downtown. The "hole in the ground" they started building something here in the 90's There have been a few building starts that ended in  bankruptcy. This time we are 10 stories out of the ground.    
Just a test to see how far the telephoto will reach. 
This photo was taken from 25 feet away with the macro setting on the new telephoto.  


  1. Cool shots! Love the shot over the valley!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It is funny the photo of the valley was a last minute after thought as I was getting back into the car.

    That is an interesting bluff to take picture from. It is across the street from an Idaho matriarch Velma Morrison over looking a city park named after her late Mother-in-law. Many times when you stop to take pictures she toddles out to the end of her driveway and glares at whoever is parked there.

  3. Love that b&w shot of the bicyclist...


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