Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adult Hand Me Downs

When I bought my Olympus E510 6 years ago with a two lens kit, the saleswomen at Idaho Camera told me that it was a great starter SLR camera. it has a a 18 - 40 lens and a 40 - 150 lens. Just enough to be frustrating. It will kind of take macro photos and it will kind of take telephoto. My plan was to buy new lenses this year, but I found out that Olympus has discontinued that style of lens.

My daughter had a four year old Canon SLR camera that she wanted to upgrade. I bought the body and one lens from her, and bought two new lenses to fit it. I now have a 60mm 1:1 macron lens and a
70 - 300 telephoto lens. Michelle gave me a 28 - 80 kit lens with the camera. I hope to improve on what I leaned on the starter camera. I went downtown this afternoon to play with my new toy, I did not realize what I was missing.

The last part of this hand me down is that my wife wants to upgrade from a mirrorless point and shot to a SLR. Nancy is going to start using my old Olympus E510.

Everyone has a new camera without breaking the bank.            


  1. That worked out well! I have a 70-300 telephoto lens on my wish list. ;)

  2. I was surprised they are not that expensive relative to what I expected. I bought a generic it was only $200.00. The Macro on the other hand was quite a bit more.

  3. Congrats on the upgrade. What do you think of the dedicated macro lens? I've been contemplating buying one.

  4. My best answer to your question is this, I really like the dedicated Macro lens with just a going to the park and taking some sample shots. I will put a note on my calender to send you an email in about a month. By then I will have had a chance to have used it more.

    I do not know how you feel about off brand lenses, but I bought Tamron brand. My daughter you works in a local camera store told me they are a very high quality lens. Tamron tends to have mail in rebates on their more expensive lenses. Although the $100.00 rebate that I am using is good for February, Michelle said the first of the month Tamron tends to have a new rebate for the following month.


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