Sunday, January 13, 2013

Woody The Woodpecker And Friends

Our yard is a certified backyard wildlife habitat. This is a free program through the National Wildlife federation. This is a free program, that is easy to do. Basically you just need to provide wildlife friendly plants   and a water source.

We woke up this morning to hundreds of birds in our yard this morning. We had Ground Doves, a pair of Robins and our resident Woodpecker pair. We also had quite a few Sharp Shinned Hawks souring overhead. It is fun to see them interact. If you look at the upper left picture you will see that the Robin statistically is perched under the Woodpecker waiting for it to drop some food. The single picture above is where the Woodpecker said it was not amused by this act.

In addition to the birds we have several ground squirrels that take residence in our trees as well.

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  1. Good bird pictures! Love the first woodpecker shot! Good for you guys for participating in the backyard wildlife program.

  2. Thank you, it is fun to be able to sit inside a warm house (when it is 3 degrees outside) and see all the wildlife. The Hawks are the most amazing birds to observe, but they tend not to hang around at fence level. They tend to perch way up in the trees.

  3. Wonderful bird photos! I think I need to put out a bird feeder to attract them to my yard.


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