Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Old Mule- When Trucks Were Made Of Steel

I found this old 1951 circa Chevrolet 6400 1 ton truck in an industrial park   

Remember the good old days when cars were made of steel? The steering wheel, the dash board, even the seat all were made of cold hard steel. The only purpose for this era of trucks was to move heavy objects! A 92 HP 6-cylinder engine would not get any where fast. The top speed on the speedometer is 80 mph. What it lacked in speed it made up for in strength. Wiki stated this was "state of the art":: a 5-speed transmission!!!  


  1. I love the old cars and trucks! The collage is a great treatment for these photos! :)

    1. I do also. I have a few photos of old cars in my collection. My favorite other than this one is a fully restored 1935 Ford coupe, it was parked at a trail head last fall. I will post those photos at a later date.


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