Saturday, January 26, 2013

Out For a Stretch, Finally!

New Hampshire Red 
2 New Hampshire Reds (outside) & a Rhode Island Red (center)
Barred Rock 
 One Week's Harvest 
After 13 days of below-freezing temperatures, some single digit, it finally warmed up. It was close to 40 degrees today. The chickens have been confined to their coop and sun room, and a 4-square foot piece of cardboard right outside their door since Christmas. Chickens don't like getting their feet in snow! Today they explored most of the garden, even though there was still some snow.

Tonight Nancy made a Garden Frittata. It is a delicious dish, and can be modified to use what ever leftovers you may have. In the summer we put our fresh, organic tomatoes in it. It is so good, and a good way to use all those extra eggs!

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  1. Love those brown eggs, is she a Rhode Island Red... that was what we had when I was a kid growing up... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #67!

  2. The small chicken in the front of the second photo is a Rhode Island Red. She is simply a pet now, she stopped laying eggs last spring. Nancy started out with 3 chickens in 2010, 2 died with the following summer. Then we got 2 more, of which one died withing a year. Last spring we got the 2 big red ones. The Rhode Island Red has is the only one left of the original three that we started out with.

  3. The chickens are beautiful, especially the feather color on the first one. The garden frittata sounds wonderful with all those fresh ingredients. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you for the comment. The 2 large red chickens are the latest addition to Nancy's flock. We bought them a babies this past spring.

  4. Glad the girls got a chance to get out and stretch their legs! Off to Nancy's blog now to check out the recipe.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, David. I am glad my photos are a good reminder of home!

  6. I love that first shot of the chicken...not that I don't like them all!

  7. Thank you. The first one came out better than I had imagined. It was a completely blind shot. I stuck my arms in the coop as far as I could reach and shaped off several shots.


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