Sunday, December 30, 2012

12 BEST OF 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, and my blog reaches 40 day old, I need to give credit to for making this work to a couple of people-

First I need to give credit to my wife Nancy, who is my blog coach. Nancy has had a blog long enough to be very helpful with layout, editing and all-around a great resource!

The second person that deserves credit is my daughter Michelle. Michelle was an fine arts major in college, with a photography emphasis. Michelle's photos taught me that I can see things and shoot differently. Just take a photo of the fog light on a car, instead of the car.

It was Nancy's idea to post some of my best photos of 2012 as a closing post for the year. I chose to post 12 of my best of 2012- Enjoy!
As we get ready to turn the lights out on 2012

And say goodbye to the old

Head down the path of 

whatever track should come our way.

 Just take one step at a time

Before you take off into flight. 

There is always room for new family members in our life.

The view may not be the most scenic or

things do not go as planned,

think of a pond full of Lilly pads.

Where ever the road may take you,

take time to read a book, put technology aside, and relax.  

Happy New Year To All!

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  1. Very nice pictures! Happy New Year to you guys!! :)


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